By my checkmark next to “I accept” terms and conditions, also referred to here as the Enrollment Agreement, when I subscribe, I understand fully in respect to online classes, the tuition is fully non-refundable.

(1) Online course subscription plans are offered as a convenience for the student, however, please note when you sign up you are agreeing to pay in full for the course. You must complete your payment plan in order to be qualified to receive a certificate of completion (in addition to other course requirements such as quizzes, homework assignments, and case studies).

(2) Subscription payment plans can be canceled at any time, however, you will no longer have access to your course material if you cancel your subscription and will no longer be eligible to graduate. There is no refunds offered for payments made.

(3) All supplies required to perform case studies and complete classroom assignments is at the additional expense of the student, but is not required for your enrollment. Additional supplies is the responsibility of the student.

(4) A certificate of completion for the hours studied will be granted only to students who complete the full payment, all coursework activities, case studies, research paper, and pass the quizzes throughout the course.

You agree to hold harmless Rebecca at the Well Foundation, INC and any Master Aromatherapy instructors for any adverse affects you may experience related to, or seemingly related to the use of any products, supplies, instructions, information, or suggestions offered in the course. 

By my checkmark next to “I accept the Enrollment Agreement” when I enroll, I agree to be bound by the aforesaid Enrollment Agreement terms stated here and understand that any violation of said Enrollment Agreement may, at the discretion of the officers of Rebecca at the Well Foundation, INC, result in my termination from the program without refund of tuition, and will hold harmless Rebecca at the Well Foundation, INC with respect to any such termination.

Website Terms of Use 

Please note, the International Federation of Aromatherapists do not recommend that Essential Oils be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.

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Return Policy on Books, Oils and Supplies

1. Any physical item can be returned within one week of receipt of shipment for a full refund on the cost of goods (excluding shipping charges), if returned intact and unopened. Similarly, all returns must be received by us within 15 business days to qualify for a refund.

2. All products must be returned in saleable condition. Partially used products will not be credited. Similarly, full credit is subject to a quality control inspection carried out.

3. Master Aromatherapy takes no responsibility for any loss, damages, or delay that may occur. Similarly, we must be notified should additional insurance be required. Without notification we ship products without insurance.

5. All orders will be shipped with delivery tracking confirmation.